Acting for a Cure
Acting for a Cure is a non-profit production company founded by then 15-year-old Rachel Helson in 2004 in Louisville, KY to produce stage productions to benefit Susan G. Komen and other illnesses in need of a cure.  In 2007, Acting for a Cure and it's founder relocated to New York City and successfully produced it's third production at the American Airlines Theatre on Broadway, "The Rocky Horror Tribute Show". In 2009, Acting for a Cure together with the Young Professionals of NYC Affiliate Komen Board, of which Acting for a Cure's founder, Rachel Helson is a board member, produced "The Pink Campaign on Broadway", a musical extravaganza exploring the ways in which breast cancer touches people's lives. In 2013, Acting for a Cure continues to advocate and raise funds for breast cancer, as well as many other worthy causes in need of a cure!


Acting for a Cure has raised over $100,000 for Susan G. Komen for the Cure!


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